Skill Cloud Creator
A lot of us write a list of all our skills in the resume. And most of the time the interviewer asks a question like "on a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself in ..." This is because, typically the skills are just enumerated in the resume without providing a clue of how well a person is in a particular skill. This is where the Skill Cloud comes to rescue. While some people may deliberately want to leave this vague, a good manager always knows what he/she is looking for and there is no point trying to fool one. Infact, in many large companies, it is the recruiters that screen your resume first and they purely go by a bunch of keywords in the resume. So, in that case, how do you distinguish yourself from another person both of whose resumes contain java or ruby on rails or telesales etc? Fortunately or unfortunately, most skill management software solutions simply offer only a way to search for keywords within the resumes submitted through the corporate website (this is how recruitment software from major enterprise software vendors work!) with an option to preview the resume on the web. So, having a skill cloud will likely to get a better chance of a person actually being picked compared to the other. Hence the idea behind this Skill Cloud Creator! Create it and put it in your resume! Feel free to send your comments/suggestions or job search success stories.
Below is a scale of academic to guru ranging from 6 to 10. For each skill level, enter the related skills separating them using a comma (,).
academic (6)
intern (7)
experience (8)
expert (9)
guru (10)
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